Devizes Parish

A warm welcome to our church from the Rev. Fr. David Knipe


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A mission church…ancient in faith modern in vision

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a Christian Church which has nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Church means ‘Universal Church’.

It is a liberal bible based church. It has a pleasant modern attitude to faith and is community centred which means that it will have simple liturgy, bible reading and short sermon. Liberal Catholics have always believed that it has a special role in the context of a healing Sacrifice for the world. Where the Mass is celebrated alone or in a small group met together in a small chapel we have the opportunity to encounter the experiences of the earliest Christians, who discovered the living truth that such celebrations can be profound encounters with Christ.

Those who have faith and believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST as our Redeemer will find it stimulating, those who are not sure or have not been involved with a Christian group will find joy, peace, and the spirit of love that we all desire.

We are gathering every Sunday morning at 10am at The Nursteed Community Centre, Devon & District Association for the Disabled, Nursteed Rd, Devizes SN10 3AF.

The service is a short one and should not be longer than half an hour.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided after the service.

Rev. Fr. David Knipe